Dems’ worst nightmare

unknown-1‘The stench of Democratic National Committee propaganda’

[Kollibri terre Sonnenblume, Aug 26, 2016]

Something smelled fishy to me when I first read a news story accusing WikiLeaks of outing gay people in Saudi Arabia.

But let me correct that choice of words. What I really smelled was the stench of DNC propaganda and I certainly don’t want to insult our innocent water-dwelling friends by associating them with something as rotten as the Democratic Party.

The DNC has it out for WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange after the party’s corruption was exposed in the emails that WikiLeaks released. With bold and breathless speed, the Democrats successfully changed the subject with their baseless charges linking WikiLeaks and Russian hackers. The move was transparently political, but the mainstream media followed it like a dog who runs after a stick when its owner has only pretended to throw it. To me, this was obvious from the beginning, and I was astonished at how almost everyone fell for it.

This election cycle has been marked by a virtual partnership between the mainstream media and the Democratic National Committee. Whatever message the party flacks want to put out is taken up and spread quick as lightning with little or no fact-checking.

I was suspicious of the “outing gays” story from the beginning. The details were too sparse. There was lots of filler. The shrillness of the tone was barely disguised. The presentation was entirely one-sided. Being a long-time critic of media, I caught the malodorous whiff of a partisan press release, which is essentially what the story was.

WikiLeaks denies the charges of outing gay people in Saudi Arabia, tweeting: “No, WikiLeaks did not disclose ‘gays’ to the Saudi govt. Data is from govt & not leaked by us. Story from 2015. Re-run now due to election.”

So few words but the air is cleared. Yes, in June 2015, WikiLeaks released a collection of documents about the corruption of the Saudi government and the revelations were widely reported. Propaganda like the “outing gays” confabulation usually relies on an actual fact, however distorted, and this is it. And yes, of course the timing is due to the election. Duh.

So let me see if I’ve got it straight: emails prove that the DNC colluded to deny Sanders a fair shot in the primary elections and funneled donations from state parties to Hillary’s campaign, among other shenanigans. But, I should ignore that because Russian hackers working for Putin broke into the email server to hurt Hillary and help Trump because Trump supports Putin or maybe even works for him too and by the way the organization that publicized the leaks hates gays so I should vote for Hillary cuz she likes gays and she’ll get tough with them Russkies. Or something.

All of this makes me want to go out to the forest or the desert, take photos of flowers and insects, and write about real things. The things that, just by existing, reveal beautiful truth. The things that are disappearing.

Kollibri terre Sonnenblume is a writer living on the U.S. West Coast.