Why the hell isn’t Hillary Clinton being investigated?


Trump and other ‘enquiring minds’ want to know

Flynn gets nailed while Crooked Hillary skates free



Deleted 33,000 emails for godsake!


It’s because Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions is a useless wimp who should be fired forthwith (apologies to Irene Ryan’s ‘Granny’ in the Beverly Hillbillies.)

It was Sessions who got Trump dragged into this whole irrelevant Russian collusion witch hunt by cowardly hiding from the whole business — it’s called “recusing” oneself — prompting  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint former G-man Robert Mueller as special counsel to look into it.

Rosenstein (left), like Sessions, is also long overdue for a Trump firing. And Mueller, of course, should have been fired before this travesty ever got started.

The investigation has been unconscionably biased from the beginning when Mueller stacked his gang of investigators and lawyers with Democratics and liberals who have donated to the Clinton Foundation.

And it’s costing American taxpayers plenty. So far Mueller and his mule team have racked up $5 million in expenses that will come out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Moreover, the whole damn shooting match is a treasonous Deep State scheme to “get Trump.” All this is being conducted as the American economy booms.

Jobs are way up with the lowest unemployment rate in decades, the stock market is on fire with the Dow blowing past 24,000 last week, Isis is on the run, and the Average American, the Ordinary Joe, the Regular Guy, the Working Man and the Working Woman, Me and You and Susie Q are all happy. 

The only people who aren’t happy are Democrats and liberals and the Deep State, all of whom are bent on destroying America and American Values and the American Way of Life.

Well, to hell with them. And to hell with Mueller and Sessions and to hell with Hillary Clinton.