West Virginia, Mountain Momma


President Trump rocks in West Virginia

From Breitbart — Adam Shaw, Aug. 3, 2017; Photo Susan Walsh

 President Trump gave a full-throated populist speech at a packed rally in West Virginia Thursday, where he took aim at both Republican and Democratic lawmakers for their failures on everything from foreign policy to trade to the inability to scrap Obamacare.

“We don’t need advice from the Washington swamp,” he said to the electric crowd in Huntington, West Virginia. “We need to drain the swamp.”

Trump was given a boost by the presence of Democratic Gov. Jim Justice, who announced that he was defecting from the Democrats to join the Republican Party. The coal business owner and billionaire told the crowd that there was nothing more he could do for them as a Democrat. The crowd erupted.

Trump’s rally marks part of a broader tour of the rust belt, where he has re-engaged with the vital constituency that helped him to his win in November. Trump won the state by 42 points in November and it showed. Crowds lined up hours ahead of the rally to fill the venue and gave Trump a rockstar reception.

He used the rally to tout his successes in office, including an all-time high on the stock market, a low unemployment rate, and his decisions to pull the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris climate agreement. He also pushed the plan unveiled Wednesday to cut legal immigration in half, and repeated his promise to build the wall on the southern border.

The rally was reminiscent of his signature speeches during the campaign, peppered with boisterous rhetoric and greeted by a crowd that already knew the lyrics: “Drain the swamp,” “Lock her up,” and “Build the wall.”