‘We are at war. It’s us or them!”

The Islamic terror murder of a policeman on the Champs-Élysées is the final red flag for French voters.

“We are at war,” Marine Le Pen said. “It’s us or them.”

imagesThe right-wing populist is the toughest on terrorism, outflanking her three main rivals in Sunday’s first round of voting in the French presidential election.

“This war against us is ceaseless and merciless,” Le Pen said, accusing the Socialist government and her campaign rivals of a “cowardly” response to the threat.

Le Pen said she will deport all foreigners on a terror watchlist and immediately regain control of France’s borders. She will free France from the dangerously liberal, open-border debacle of the European Union and give the country back to its lawful citizens.

After years of endless slaughter at the hands of radical Islamists, how much more evidence do French voters need?!bodies-593320

The 48-year-old Front National leader is in a close four-way contest with centrist Emmanuel Macron, conservative François Fillon and Communist-backed firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Fillon and Macron hastily convened televised briefings after the cold-blooded murder on the Champs-Élysée. They also both vowed to protect French citizens but their words rang hollow with the usual politically-correct platitudes.

“Some haven’t taken the full measure of the evil,” the 63-year-old Fillon said, promising an “iron-fisted” approach — just more meaningless bullshit!

As for that hopelessly naive, inexperienced 39-year-old moderate Macron, his solution is to just get used to living with terrorism!

Can you imagine!? Day in and day out, just living with this barbaric slaughter of innocent citizens!

Macron has the cowardly and ineffectual stupidity to say that terrorism will be “part of our daily lives for the years to come.”

Macron is as lame as outgoing president François Hollande, who really made a mess of it!

Macron warned against using the Champs-Élysèes attack for political gain. “Let us not give into fear, let us not give into division,” he said, telling voters he would be “unwavering in protecting you.”

More platitudinous crap! If French voters elect this ingénue, they can kiss their country goodbye. — Guy de Michêl