Wading into the muck

Whether you play it safe with Hillary or take a chance on the Donald, this election still stinks out loud!

GUEST VIEW By Kerry Brown

Which presidential candidate shall we pluck from the cesspools of mostly their own making?

imagesBoth would-be presidents tread in the mucky, certainly murky poisons from their own deeds and both with odors that most Americans would rather not smell. However, this is what the electorates have left us, and believe me, they had help along the way as they both skulk in their slime.

Hillary Clinton was crowned by the Democratic National Committee which flagrantly pushed for her election. So blatantly in fact that its head honcho, that congress representative from the so uncorrupt state of Florida, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was replaced. Sadly, if you’re a Democrat, elections are done for you these days.

Besides the heavy baggage of being a Clinton, Hillary’s e-mail scandal was mostly boring, at least from what we’ve heard. With such limited facts revealed by the powers that be, these electronic communications left mere scraps for the mainstream media to digest.

Meanwhile, groups like Fox News enjoyed what fodder they could discern as they twisted and shouted in speculation. The truth, however, even in this limited non-Russian version, would likely have resulted in some sort of reprimand if that someone was not Hillary, or Billary as I call her.

Then there is Benghazi. The then-Secretary of State Hillary refused to send more people into that dangerous fracas where four Americans perished. It is speculated, at least by some, that they might have been saved. A real OK Corral shootout.

What is not discussed, other than the failure by Hillary to send in troops, is that the Republican Congress found it worthy to spend $7 million on multiple investigations to prove her ineptness. This is the same Congress that earlier refused to okay moneys to fortify American embassies like Benghazi. Imagine what a single mill spent there might have have done for those poor souls.

In the other gloomy cesspool is Donald the Orange, the pompous white bigoted blowhard who has tapped into the other white bigoted blowhards in America, of which it appears there are many. Even the Republican Party can’t stomach Trump, though they have always attracted this sort. They, however, had a past of being much subtler in their efforts.

Yet, if you count the small number of non-white delegates, a whopping eighteen, that attended their own pompous convention, it is no real surprise that a guy like the Donald is their choice for the big office. Look who ran against him and look how absolutely giddy the media has been covering the obnoxious Trump. He receives free publicity with each new, sometimes head-shaking guffaw.

Trump’s several bankruptcies have been mostly ignored, yet you can see by his recent declarations at the Republican Convention that it doesn’t scare him one bit. He will lower taxes but somehow still manage to build walls, bridges, roads and a new army. And, according to him, his deals, and only his deals, will make the nations of the world pay for it or be damned.

The Donald also boldly promises to destroy ISIS. The how, beyond his proposal for his new army, not even hinted at. It’s the old ‘So let it be written, so let it be done.’ This is the same guy who won’t reveal his taxes. The same guy who in the recent past said blacks are lazy, that it’s in their nature. The same guy who witnessed Muslims somewhere in America, though he’s not sure where, openly applauding in exhilaration when New York’s Twin Towers collapsed.

While Trump took a wide dopey brush to Mexicans, regularly insulted women, questioned the motives of Black Lives Matter, who paused for long moments before dismissing the backing of the KKK’s David Duke, and then later vowed to be the ‘Law and Order’ candidate to further appease the far right, some still shaking their heads at his rants, he selected a VP to tout both them and the Bible toter.

Frankly, the Donald sounds frighteningly like we will definitely need more police, more prisons and certainly a bigger army, and he hauntingly reminds me of that other famous bigot back in Germany during World War II.

In any case, all these factors have added to the cesspool in which both candidates swim, and which, sadly, American are left with. Both are the ‘hold your nose’ variety and both with powerful stenches. On one side we have the certain staleness of Billary and on the other, the ‘Take a Ride on the Reading’ of the Donald.

The choice is still a choice.

Kerry Brown is a freelance writer based in Michigan.