Election fraud is hurting Le Pen, helping Macron

le-pen-ballot-torn-Voters getting torn, invalid Le Pen ballots, while Macron ballots are intact

French voters are receiving torn and invalid Marine Le Pen ballot papers for Sunday’s presidential election, but in each case, the ballots of rival candidate Emmanuel Macron are intact.

Millions of envelopes containing voting information and ballot papers have been mailed to French households in recent days and there are thousands of reports of invalid ballots.

images-1Voters are finding intact ballot papers for Macron but torn papers for Le Pen.

Many voters have reported that both ballots bear Macron’s name, even among the voter packs of multiple voters living in the same household.

In another instance of illegally influencing voters, some mayors across France have been accused of violating the electoral code by using official letterheads for mailers asking voters to support Macron.

Polls booths will open across the country at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Initial exit polling results will be be available 12 hours later.