Two tough guys


The Don meets ‘Trump of the East’

President Trump shakes hands with Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, who admitted just days ago he murdered a man when he was a teenager because he didn’t like the way he looked.

4639E14C00000578-5074881-The_anti_war_protesters_fear_Trump_wants_more_military_bases_in_-a-32_1510500433543As hundreds of left-wing activists staged violent demonstrations, the president arrived in Manila on Sunday to attend two international world summits and wrap up his 11-day, five-country tour of Asia.

IMG_0513Wearing formal Philippine attire — the Barong Tagalog, or long-sleeved white shirt — Trump and Duterte shook hands twice and chatted amiably as they sat next to each other at a gala dinner.

Duterte talked about the teenage murder last week at the leaders conference in Vietnam.

“At the age of 16, I already killed someone. A real person, a rumble, a stabbing. It was just over a look.”

The 72-year-old leader was elected last year on a tough anti-drug campaign, vowing to eradicate illegal drugs with an unprecedented crackdown.

True to his word, since taking office, Duterte’s war on drugs has resulted in police killing 5,000 drug peddlars, with another 3,000 murdered in drug-related crimes. Thousands of other deaths remain unsolved.


Duterte has said he would be “happy to slaughter” three million drug addicts after calling then-President Obama a “son of a whore” and telling him to “go to hell” for criticizing the Filipino leader’s drug war.

Duterte had said he would tell President Trump to “lay off” if Trump brought up the subject of human rights.

No worries. Trump has praised Duterte for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem.”