Trump’s power of persuasion pitch-perfect


trump_cartoonTrump will be “one of the most consequential Presidents of all time.”

Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who predicted Donald Trump would handily win last year’s election, said he has analyzed Trump’s persuasion techniques.

“I have a background that includes being a trained hypnotist,” he said in an interview Monday. “I’ve been studying persuasion in all its many forms for decades.”

As a presidential candidate,” Adams said, “Trump sort of pinged my radar early on because he started using some of the techniques of persuasion that a lot of people wouldn’t recognize if they Unknowndon’t study this stuff. But I had, and so I kept seeing almost pitch-perfect persuasion choices: everything from his logo, to the red hats, to the imagery he used, to his nicknames for his opponents.”

Pollsters and TV’s talking heads just didn’t get it, he continued. “A lot of that stuff looked to the untrained as being just a random crazy guy who had no shame, but indeed almost every one of his choices were just perfect in terms of persuasion technique. That’s what I saw.”