Trumpian populists destroy the establishment in Italian elections



Matteo Salvini, who said he will deport 500,000 migrants and stop the Islamization of Italy, is set to be the next Prime Minister.

Salvini’s anti-immigration League and the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement headed by Luigi di Maio (right in top photo with party founder Beppe Grillo) will dominate both Houses of Parliament.

Di Maio won 50 percent of the vote in southern Italy — Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, and Calabria — where relentless waves of illegal migrants and so-called asylum seekers are wreaking havoc on society with violence, rape and murder.

“There has been a tide of delinquents and I want to send them home,” said Salvini who campaigned in true Trumpian fashion on a platform of Italy First. “We are flooded with drug dealers, rapists, burglars. If putting Italians first makes me xenophobic in some people’s minds, then so be it,” he said.

The defeated left wing establishment lost by ignoring Italy’s migrant crisis and the country’s “catastrophic economic predicament,” analysts said. Former Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party mustered only 13 percent of the vote.