Trump lawyers go after Facebook users

The Trump administration obtains search sessionswarrants to access the Facebook pages of thousands of anti-Trump protesters

The government will scrutinize the political associations and personal views of potential subversives and compile a dossier of Trump enemies.

The warrants will search all data relating to Donald Trump and last year’s election, targeting, for example, Facebook users who used the social medium to organize a campaign to disrupt Trump’s inauguration.


The intent is to stop those who seek to bring down the Trump administration, and thwart their leader Mark Zuckerberg’s machinations to control the minds and behavior of his followers.

Zuckerberg seems to be on a global mission to dominate the mindsUnknown and herd-instinct of the more than 20 billion sheep-like followers who check in on Facebook every month.

The manipulative multi-billionaire may be able to sucker the sheep, but he’s no match for the most powerful man on earth.


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