Trump is changing history!

Will meet Kim Jong-un in May as Little Rocket Man agrees to suspend missile tests.

President Trump has achieved what no other president has ever gotten close to — the first meeting with a North Korean leader.

Trump stared down the warhead of an intercontinental missile and threatened to destroy North Korea if it continued with its nuclear madness.

Kim countered with threats to reduce America to ashes and so on and so forth, but Trump could not be intimidated or cowed.


Trump tough won the day.

But Trump-haters refused to acknowledge the historic import of the moment.

Even as he announced the biggest U.S.-North Korea breakthrough in presidential history, CNN basically ignored the story and instead continued to cream all over that fame-seeking slut Stormy Daniels.

Are the “Deplorables” the only Americans who get what’s going on?! Liberals and leftists and Democrats and all the rest of the wussies and pussies are becoming annoyingly deaf, dumb and blind to reality.

Trump is changing history, you hopelessly close-minded fools.