Trump going to the DMZ


One of the most dangerous places on earth

President Trump will head for the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean border early next month when he visits South Korea.

Despite its name, the narrow strip of land separating the two Koreas is the most heavily armed region in the world, and literally a stone’s throw from Kim Jong-Unknownun’s nuke-armed regime.

Land mines, barbed wire and tank stoppers line the entire border and stretch back halfway to Seoul in the South and Pyongyang in the North.

The White House has sent a team of officials to the border village of Panmunjom about 55 km north of Seoul to check potential sites for the president’s “special activity” when he is there.

North and South Korean soldiers glare at each other across the border. They have not been allowed to cross the demarcation line into each other’s side since the ‘Axe Murder Incident’ in 1976 when two American soldiers, Arthur Bonifas and Mark Barrett, who were trimming a tree along the DMZ were hacked to death by axe-wielding North Korean soldiers.