Trump fever hits U.K.


“In the U.K., people are beginning to get the Trump message.”

That was the truth of the matter that the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party wanted to get across to Americans.

Populist Nigel Farage, who was in the U.S. for the Conservative Political Action Conference, told Americans to ignore the mayor of London and other Trump-hating politicians, and know that his country is now embracing the Trump doctrine.

He singled out Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, an accused spy, as the main anti-Trump instigators.


8300DED8-2AD5-444D-82B7-F75B2C8E8751“In 2016, we had this amazing twin result of Brexit and the Trump victory,” Farage said. “Please don’t judge my country by Sadiq Khan or by Mr. Corbyn and the left, who every time we’re told the president will visit the UK promise mass street protests.”

In other words, all the anti-Trump propaganga is bullsht, and the Brits are finally seeing the light, and it is red — as in right-wing, Great-Britain-First nationalism, and to hell with  dangerously liberal open-border globalistic immigration madness which leads to social chaos, religious violence and terrorism.

President Trump is saving America from going to hell, and the U.K. is finally realizing it’s time to make Britain great again.