Trump feud is a real corker

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Corker “couldn’t get elected dog catcher.”

Not many readers within cooee of the 49th parallel care about, or even know who Bob Corker is, but President Trump’s slapdown of this “lightweight” Republican senator from Tennessee is worth noting.

Bob Corker slammed Trump for “debasing” the nation, and then tore into the President’s historic tax reform plan.

Trump shot back with:

All this was happening as Trump went to the Senate today to meet with renegade Republican critics in an attempt to persuade Congress to pass his dramatic tax reduction proposal, which includes deep cuts in corporate income tax.

Trump’s tweets speak for themselves:

VIDEO: Raucous scene as President Trump arrives on Capitol Hill to meet with senators at their weekly party lunch when lone protester posing as a reporter yells “Treason!” and throws paper Russian flags at Trump.