Fire Sessions, hire Trey Gowdy

Hillary Clinton Says a Justice Department Investigation of Her Would Be an ‘Abuse of Power’

That’s hilarious. Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of the abuse of power. As Secretary of State she used the State Department as her private realm to pour millions of dollars into one of the most criminal scams in history: the family’s images-2Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton firmly and psychotically believes she is above the law. She believes that because throughout her entire political life of criminality she has gotten away with it. Skated free. Mocked justice. Cheated people. Covered up crimes. Jeopardized national security. Abandoned diplomats to die. Abused her high office to fill the family coffers. And laughed all the way to the bank.

Her life as a lawyer, president’s wife, politician, senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate has been one of unconscionable — and unpunished — criminality. [See addenda below]

imagesThere is nothing more egregiously pressing on the political scene at this time than to investigate and — as would inevitably result — prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions — President Trump’s lamest and worst appointment by far — is not the man to do it. He is a wimp of the first water whose cowardly instinct is to “recuse” himself from the responsibility of his job.

Trump has an excellent and obvious choice for attorney general: the former federal prosecutor from South Carolina, Trey Gowdy.

The “bulldog,” as he’s known, is currently more or less wasted as chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III, 53, (Trey being the nickname for a third-generation son) was meant for greater things.


Gowdy gave Hillary Clinton hell during the Benghazi hearings for abandoning Ambassador Chris Steven and his staff during the attack on Libya, a dereliction that led to their deaths.

And he ripped into fired FBI director James Comey during a hearing on Clinton’s email debacle where she unlawfully disseminated or destroyed classified government information.

Trump had — and still has for that matter — a second choice for attorney general: UnknownRudy Giuliani, the prosecutor who brought tough guys to their knees when he was dishing out justice in New York City. He tamed one of the meanest towns in America. And he could bring down the meanest woman in American politics.

Giuliani says he’s got too cushy a job now in the private sector — but if called upon to serve his country and see that unknown13justice is done, he would do it.

But let’s leave Giuliani in his cushy job and go with The Bulldog.

Mr. President, for the good of the country, fire that wimp Sessions and put Trey Gowdy in charge of Justice.

Only then will justice be served and Hillary Clinton will get what’s coming to her.


Jeff Sessions refuses to go after Hillary Clinton despite overwhelming evidence that she is the biggest serial criminal to ever seek the office of the President. — Dave Hodges.

An abbreviated list of crimes:

➜Treasonous sale of nuclear grade uranium to the Russians.
➜Continually covering up her husband’s sexual abuses. Even in the face of the Roy Moore affair, she protects Bill from prosecution.
➜The Benghazi tragedy in which she deliberately left Ambassador Stevens under-protected.
➜The Whitewater affair.
➜Vince Foster’s death.
➜The treason of emailgate.
➜The Clinton Foundation’s money laundering, with the help of HSBC Bank. 
➜The mysterious trail of dead bodies scattered throughout the Clinton’s reign.

Sessions refuses to look at even one of these crimes.