Silicone sex

Toronto’s sex dolls

The hi-tech ‘Aura Dolls’ will be made of silicone and will be coming to a Toronto strip mall in September.
The six “prostitutes” will have different ethnicities, including an American named Scarlett, a Columbian named Jazmine, and a Korean named Yuki, and will be the “world’s most beautiful silicone ladies,” touts the company’s  website.
In Toronto
“The doll, like a girl, will be ready and waiting for you in the room,” marketing director Claire Lee told CityNews.

Aura Dolls has pre-set rates — half an hour for $80, one hour for $120 ($92 U.S.)

Kinky customers (aren’t they all?!) can have two dolls at the same time, and smitten patrons who desire a regular relationship with a particular sex doll can sign up for a monthly membership.

The Toronto establishmen follows the opening – and success – of similar joints in Europe and Asia.

Coming to Toronto