Montreal’s giant Christmas tree is a primitive, savage-looking specimen that looks like it was torn screaming from the wilderness!

montreal-que-december-5-2016-a-big-natural-christmas.jpegPhoto: John Kenney, Montreal Gazette

By Josh Freed, Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL — The tall, skinny, scraggly tree in the Quartier des Spectacles has been ridiculed from Britain to New Zealand as the “world’s ugliest Christmas tree.”

The tree even has its own twitter site, #SapinLaid (UglyChristmastree), where people can post insults. It’s been ridiculed as emaciated, anorexic and embarrassing — dismissed as looking “like a homeless tree, begging for change.”

In fact, the tree is the inspiration of a Quebec tree company, Sapin MTL. They wanted to give Montreal a present: a giant conifer to outdo the world’s most spectacular tree in New York’s Rockefeller Square, which this year soars 94 feet.

They scoured the mighty wilderness of Quebec for the biggest, most majestic tree and came up slightly short, with this 88-foot, specially-challenged finalist.

It’s a battered, dishevelled-looking thing that’s lopsided and lost its tip in transit. It has no star and is “decorated’ in red Canadian Tire triangles that were the price of its donated light bulbs.

New York City’s tree is a well-fed beauty wrapped in five miles of multi-coloured lights and crowned with a designer star made of 25,000 crystals — but it costs more than $100,000 and has personal trainers grooming it for a month.

A perfectly fine, storybook Christmas tree, but ours is a primitive, savage-looking specimen, a brooding, haunted thing that looks like it was torn screaming from the wilderness — a damaged, drooping, imperfect tree that gradually touches your heart.