Top Democrat engaged in outrageous treachery


Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told a close associate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that President Trump would be ousted from the White House within a year.

There has been no contact between President Trump and the Palestinian Authority since Trump announced his decision to move the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, but the previous Obama administration still keeps contact.

This is who John Kerry confides in!

Kerry has long been out of office but he keeps busy undermining President Trump’s authority by speaking to Palestinian leaders and telling them to disregard Trump’s recent Jerusalem announcement.

Kerry met with the Abbas associate, Hussein Agha, in London and told him to “hold on and be strong and not yield to Trump’s demands,” the Jerusalem Post reports.

Kerry told Agha that Trump will be out of office a year from now, the report said.


Kerry of course is the crazed liberal who sealed the disastrous Iran-nuclear deal for Obama. He gravitates towards and befriends terrorists who want to kill Americans — every American except him apparently.

This guy is a real menace and a very present danger to America. And he says he’s considering running for President in 2020!

America be warned!


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