Time to bury the hatchet

Just a thought, albeit a brilliant one!

By Susan K. Brown

I know wiser people than I have thought the perfect winning Democratic ticket would be Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Her knowledge and shrewdness, his passion and appeal to the idealists in our number would trump Trump and whatever stooge he found to be his vice president.

Unknown.jpegI also know that Hillary is too arrogant and entitled to embrace a man who got in the way of her coronation. And that Sanders is an unpleasant socialist who doesn’t work well with people.

But for the sake of the country, I ask these two ego hounds to put that aside and think of the country you’re always yammering about making a better place.

Donald Trump is a narcissistic moron, who hasn’t the brains to run a business unless he can bankrupt it.

So I ask you, Democrats, do you want to win or do you want to get four years of a Republican run amok?

Susan K. Brown is a former newspaper reporter and editor.