Le Pen can beat this guy too!

The kingmaker doesn’t always get what he wants — Hillary Clinton case in point

On May 7, the French people can choose this:images-7

Cleverly disguised as this: images-2

Or they can choose Marine Le Pen:


Macron’s En marche! and Soros’s Move on! — Même chose!

Everyone knows now that before getting into politics Macron was a multi-million-dollar investment banker at the obscenely wealthy Rothschild & Cie Banque.

The political party he formed a year ago, En Marche! is funded by the Rothschild-owned BNP Paribas (Banque Nationale de Paris), an  international banking group with assets of 2 trillion euros (2.2 trillion USD).macron-cac-40

Macron has a swarm of other powerful supporters, most notoriously George Soros, the filthy rich Hungarian-American hedge fund billionaire whose organization Move On! translates into French as En marche!

That is to say, Macron is a Rothschild agent and a Soros surrogate. The candidate of Mammon.

All Marine Le Pen has are the people. Especially young people — the youth of France — the future of France. In the first round of voting on Sunday, Le Pen won the largest share of support from young voters and women than any other candidate.

FRANCE-POLITICS-CONGRESS-PARTY-FNBack to Soros: When Hillary Clinton, his puppet-candidate in the U.S. election last November, suffered a shocking and ignominious loss to Donald Trump, Soros turned to France’s Macron as the candidate to help transform the world into the Soros vision.

Soros, one of the richest and most politically powerful people on earth who uses his fortune to influence political outcomes in many countries, has said he wants to be “the conscience of the world.” He once compared himself to “God in the Old Testament.”

“I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance,” he said in his 1987 book ‘The Alchemy of Finance.’ “I fancied myself as some kind of god.”

He told an interviewer with the British newspaper The Independent that he considered himself “some kind of god, the creator of everything.”

In other words, the god of Mammon sees himself as, well, God.

In a television interview, the 86-year-old also said this: “Next to my fantasies about being God, I have very strong fantasies of being mad. In fact, my grandfather was actually paranoid. I have a lot of madness in my family. So far I have escaped it.”

That last sentence is highly debatable.

imagesSoros-affiliated organizations finance anti-Le Pen demonstrations, work with search engines to censor pro-Le Pen news and invest in campaigns to block France’s counter-terrorism efforts under the guise of defending “human rights.”

Globalist Macron wants open borders, and blithely tells French people that terrorism has become a way of life and that they had better get used to it. Even though the majority of citizens say that all migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.

The French do not want to live with the growing plague of terrorism and the barbaric slaughter of innocent people. And they sure as hell don’t want Soros sabotaging their vote and destroying forever their freedom. Trop c’est trop!

— Guy de Michêl



Soros “has ruined the lives of millions of Europeans.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán slammed George Soros in a speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday.

“Despite ruining the lives of millions of European with his financial speculations, being penalized in Hungary for speculations, and who is an openly admitted enemy of the euro, he is so highly praised that he is received by the EU’s top leaders,” he said.

Soros-Orban-collage-640x480Through his secret organizations in Hungary, “George Soros is spending endless amounts of money to support illegal immigration,” Orbán said.