Stormy Daniels, the Mother of All Sluts



Stormy Daniels, 39-year-old mother of a young daughter, is despicable in her shameless peddling of an alleged one-night stand with private citizen Donald Trump  to boost her sagging career as a pornographic POS.

Aided and abetted by corporate pimp CBS, which in its lack of wisdom decided to toss the reputation of ’60 Minutes’ into the sewer, the MOAS has extended her strip-club tour and now rakes in more filthy lucre from her naked web cam service. For $14.99 a month, desperate individuals can see X-rated videos of this aging sex hag.


Shouldn’t the appropriate authority be concerned about the six-year-old daughter who is being raised amidst the cesspool of porn her ‘mother’ writhes around in?

Daniels said in an earlier interview that she intends to be honest with her daughter about her career. “I’ll tell her Mommy has a job that some people don’t approve of, but Mommy’s proud of it.”

She said she would describe her career to her daughter in a filtered way and not share all the details, like police officers and emergency-room doctors do with their children.

This abhorrent whore compares her job to that of an emergency room doctor or a police officer!

There’s no limit to her loathsome stupidity.


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