Hope has left the building

Hope Hicks going home to Connecticut

Trump’s Girl Friday, who resigned as White House Communications Director after telling a House investigative committee she has told “white lies” to protect the President, headed to her hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut.

When she was 13, Hope told Greenwich Magazine she wanted to be an actress, and if that didn’t work out, “I could really see myself in politics.” She went on to become a Ralph Lauren teen model.


In the end politics won, and at 29 she ended up in the White House as a close confidante to one of most powerful men in world. He called her the “Hopester.” But her career at the President’s side ended abruptly after only six months, due chiefly to two events — three if you believe corridor gossip.

The first was when her boyfriend at the time, White House aide Rob Porter, quit after two ex-wives accused him of spousal abuse; the second, when she made that “white lie” admission to the House investigation committee — in itself a small thing to undo a career; and third, a salaciously rumored affair with Trump.


Hope Hicks leaves her Washington D.C. apartment on Friday carrying an $1800 Louis Vuitton bag and wearing a $695 pair of Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee suede boots.



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