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Marine Le Pen “has a line of attack that can hit the bullseye.”

Marine Le Pen and her allies dismiss Emmanuel Macron as the candidate of a dying establishment.

“Change is not going to come from the heir of François Hollande and his disastrous mandate of failures,” Le Pen told supporters after her spectacular finish in the first round of voting on Sunday.

Pro-Euro former investment banker Macron was an economic adviser to departing Socialist President François Hollande before becoming economy minister in 2014.

The Le Pen-Macron duel on May 7 will be a contest between the candidate of the people and the candidate of the globalized elite.

imagesIt’s the European version of America’s epic battle last year between globalist Hillary Clinton and the people’s–the “deplorables”–candidate Donald Trump.

Pollsters and pundits had Clinton the clear favorite, even going as far as pronouncing that “Trump will never be president of the United States!” A pronouncement now being so arrogantly echoed in France about Le Pen’s chances.

The moral being that French pundits, à la their American counterparts, will be left with a helluva lot of oeuf on their face.

Le Pen, the anti-Euro nationalist, is the only candidate who took an unwaveringly tough stand on immigration, vowing to protect the borders and rid the country of radical Islamists. A fighting stance that is in dramatic contrast to Macron’s weak-kneed tolerance and his incredible statement that French citizens must get used to terrorism as a “way of life.”

On the economic front, the increasing divide between France’s  ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ has strengthened support for Le Pen and her message that only she can defend the jobs and rights of French workers.

“Marine Le Pen is going to frame this as a face-off between the candidate of the globalised elite, and herself as the people’s candidate,” said a pollster with ViaVoice. “She has a line of attack that can hit the bullseye.” — Guy de Michêl

How the country voted: