The Canada we knew and loved is dead


RDheader1Trudeau’s Liberal Party is destroying the Canadian way of life that made the country the envy of the world.

Super liberal Justin Trudeau allowed 25,000 refugees into Canada in seven weeks. Refugees entering Canada aren’t required to show a photo ID and female Muslims don’t have to take off the niqabs that cover their faces — and therefore conceal their identity.

There’s no way the government can effectively conduct security checks on 25,000 people from terrorist breeding grounds in seven weeks under such lenient, politically-correct conditions.

Among that number were Syrian migrants who may or may not have committed violent crimes, but who are loyal supporters of sharia law and the extremism, brutality and terrorism it advocates.

Of 1,000 Syrian refugees surveyed, a third of them support terrorism if it means the survival of Islam, according to the Arab Centre for Research.

Which means that of the 25,000 Syrian refugees Trudeau allowed into Canada in those seven weeks, 7,500 are supporters of ISIS.

And now they live among legal, law-abiding Canadian citizens. They walk the same streets. They shop in the malls. They ride the subways and buses.

And nobody knows their backgrounds, their criminal records, the extent of their hatred images-3for Western civilization. The once peaceful, benign and affable land of Canada is inexorably becoming an unrecognizable country of hate and fear.

In addition to the thousands of refugees and undocumented migrants the Trudeau government is letting into Canada, hundreds more, many from notorious terror hotspots, are sneaking across undefended open stretches of the vast U.S. Canada border.

Refugees return hospitality with hate and violence

In Hamilton, Ontario, neighbors collected bicycles and furniture for newly arrived refugees. They provided soil for the Syrians to plant vegetable gardens.

And what did the Syrians do to thank them? Syrian delinquents bullied innocent naive Canadian kids, causing their parents to fear for their safety.

Syrian families threw rocks at their Canadian neighbours, with Canadian children caught in the crossfire.

Non-Muslim Canadians were afraid to report the incidents because they could be images-1charged with hate crimes.

A new Canadian law makes it illegal to show the slightest hint of “Islamophobia” and offenders could be jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.

In Red Deer, Alberta, Syrian punks started unprovoked fights with Canadian students at the high school. But it was the students who got punished and no action was taken against the Syrians.

Canadian media covers up migrant crime, such as the sexual assault of six young girls, all under the age of 16, by a 39-year-old Syrian refugee at a waterpark at a West Edmonton mall.

Canadians are known for their kindness, civility and welcoming nature, but  because of the ultra-liberal Trudeau government, they are losing their country to barbarians.