The British government has lost its bloody mind


The government believes rewarding Muslims and even ex-terrorists with social benefits will make them grateful citizens!
How stupid can you get?!

The British Home Office (formerly run by PM Theresa May) should be renamed the Muslim Home Office.

That government department naively — many say insanely — believes that Islam extremists and even terrorist returnees from the Islamic State in Syria — including more than 20,000 individuals known to be security risks — can be reintegrated. (Canada’s wet-behind-the-ears PM Trudeau is of the same belief, by the way).


Muslims and Islam extremists are even put at the top of waiting lists for rent-free social housing.

The government thinks that rewarding them with the same benefits that genuinely deprived citizens are waiting in line for, will turn them into grateful patriots, prepared to stand for the national anthem and hold hands with Christians and Jews.

That is so crazy and unrealistic — and dangerous — it defies belief.

The renowned think tank journal Gatestone has some thoughts on this.



This would never happen in America — not as long as Donald Trump is President, that is. It’s the kind of blind, ultra left-wing, bleeding heart, insane liberalism that would happen if the Democrats were in power.

Thank God, and the Deplorables they’re not.

The Gatestone article also shows Britain’s double standard on marriage, vis-a-vis Brits vs. Muslins — e.g., an Englishman was jailed for six months on a charge of bigamy, while Muslim men in polygamous marriages are rewarded with welfare, housing and other social service.

Merrie Olde England ain’t so merry any more.