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Muslim mayor total failure

Young people are dying on the streets of London because of Mayor Khan the Knife!

The crime rate in the once lawful City of London continues to spiral out of control.
And the blame and the blood is on the hands of the city's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan.
This damning indictment comes from retired city police chief and former advisor to the Pakistani-born Khan.

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Canada is not safe!

Canada's dangerously liberal PM Justin Trudeau welcomes returning terrorists with open arms!
These barbaric jihadis roam the streets of Canadian cities and towns in total freedom.
Free from being apprehended or charged by authorities.
Free to radicalize others, to finance or facilitate the travel of new recruits to join terrorist armies, even to plan attacks in Canada! 

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Gay Pride, Vancouver

Trudeau is an embarrassment and a danger to Canada

While Toronto is under a terrorist threat, Trudeau makes an embarrassing spectacle of himself as the first Canadian prime minister to march in Vancouver's annual Pride Parade. This politically correct, ultra liberal gadabout is an embarrassment and a danger to Canada,

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