London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Muslim mayor is America’s enemy

Sadiq Khan is a fool, and a weak-kneed liberal who has let London deteriorate into one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Knife and acid attacks are out of control.
Murder, rape and a mayhem of barbaric violence are committed by illegal Muslim immigrants and so-called asylum seekers against innocent, law-abiding Brits.
Hospitals have been described as war zones by emergency ward doctors.

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Slapping the cuffs on Tommy Robinson

The fate of Tommy Robinson: Unknown!

Mystery of the anti-Islamist activist Tommy Robinson becomes more murky. Disputed reports abound that he has been moved to a Muslim dominated prison where he faces sure death. But who knows? British government officials refuse to comment.

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London bobbies have no bollocks!

London under Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan is under bloody attack by knife-wielding madmen, acid attacks, rapes, murders, and drive-by shootings. Emergency ward doctors say the hospitals are like war zones.

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