Prosecution: Justine murdered in cold blood!

Prosecutors want to nail killer cop!

Mohamed Noor “shot to kill” unarmed pajama-clad Justine Damond!

The Minneapolis cop “knew exactly what he was doing and he intended to do it” when he killed 40-year-old Aussie Justine Damond, prosecutors said.

The Somali cop fired from the passenger seat of his police car, across his partner in the driver’s seat and out the car’s open window.

The 9-millimeter bullet struck Justine in her torso, five inches above her waistline, causing immediate death, authorities said.

Justine had run out to meet the police car in an alley behind her house around midnight on July 15, 2017, after calling police to report hearing a woman’s screams near the alley.

“The circumstances surrounding the crime show that the defendant acted with the intent to kill,” the prosecutors said.

Mohamed Noor initially was charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in the second degree, but prosecutors have asked a judge to add a second degree murder charge.

Noor is no longer a police officer. He is scheduled to face a Minneapolis jury next April.

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