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House of liberal crazies!

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Europe’s right-wing hero Matteo Salvini congratulates Trump on keeping control of the Senate in midterm elections.

Congratulates Trump on midterms


At least we got rid of these liberal freaks: 


Trump and Viktor Orbán refuse to sign UN’s global ‘open borders’ pact

what the hell
U.N. says: Let everybody in! What the hell ! Trump and Orbán say: Not in our countries!

Illegal border crossings would no longer be a crime and illegal aliens could never be deported!

The dictatorial globalist organization known as the United Nations wants to enforce open-borders on all of its member countries.

Like hell, say President Trump and Viktor Orbán!

U.N. member countries are expected to sign the so-called ‘Global Compact for Migration’ — which declares migration is a ‘human right’ — in December in Morocco.

Everyone but Trump’s America and Orbán’s Hungary.

Trump and Orbán have both declared that they would not sign the Global Compact.


The U.N. plan would no longer recognize the phrase “illegal migrants,” who would therefore be immune from deportation; and, since migration would be considered a “human right,” illegal border crossings would no longer be a crime.

Many other European leaders and members of parliament have also declared their opposition.

Austria’s vice chancellor and leader of the conservative Freedom Party, Heinz Christian Strache, said, “Migration should never become a human right.”

Right-wing Alternative for Germany party member Markus Frohnmaier called it a “monstrous document.”

“It is open-border propaganda on steroids that will enforce migration on all of Europe,” Frohnmaier said.


The AfD member of parliament belongs to a European alliance of political conservatives who have banded together to fight the “crazy concoction,” as Frohnmaier called the compact.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto called the document “extreme,” adding that it is “entirely against Hungary’s security interests.”

“Its main premise is that migration is a good and inevitable phenomenon,” he said. ‘We consider migration a bad process, which has extremely serious security implications.”

Stop the Islamization of Europe!

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the anti-immigration Lega, is also expected to reject the document.

Most European member countries of the U.N., however, are expected to sign the document at the ‘Inter-Governmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Migration’ in Marrakech, Morocco, on December 10 and 11.

The Global Compact was conceived at a U.N. summit in September 2016, which was organized by none other than America’s liberal nightmare Barack Obama.


Swedish voters show they’ve had enough of migrant violence and rape!

Anti-immigration rightists make huge gains in Sunday’s elections

Swedes give new power to rightists
POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Anti-immigration right wing leader Jimmie Akesson.

Leftists suffer worst election result in a century!

Sweden’s ultra-liberal immigration policy — and the nonstop violence it spawns — received a huge smackdown by voters on Sunday.

The nationalist party, led by Jimmie Akesson, now becomes a powerful voice in the government.

The current ruling liberal party of Prime Minister Stefan Loefven, and the center-right Moderate party, did not receive enough votes to form a majority government.

Stefan Loefven
PM Stefan Loefven took a beating.

It remains to be decided how the government will be formed. But Akesson’s party, which has a neo-Nazi background and which Loefven branded as “racist” is now in a powerful position.

The right wing ascension in Sweden follows recent populist victories in Italy, where Matteo Salvini is the new nationalist champion; Hungary, where tough guy Viktor Orbán vows to preserve his country’s Christian soul; the Czech Republic of Andrej Babiš; and Austria, where Sebastian Kurz has clamped down on unwanted and crime-ridden immigration.

— Guy de Michêl

Sweden Democrats tap into immigration fears


Sweden Democrats slogan
Swedes First! Keep Sweden Swedish!

Send them back!

Heroes of the Right
Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini

Heroes of the Right vow to “change the destiny of Europe.”

Illegal migration is the most important issue facing the European Union, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after meeting with Italian rightist leader Matteo Salvini.

Orban has a simple solution to the seemingly endless influx of illegal immigrants and refugees from Africa:

“We should send them back instead of relocating them,” Orbán said.

Doing otherwise, would mean “the human smugglers have won,” he added, and “immigrants would keep coming in further waves.”


Salvini described the meeting with Orbán as one in a “series of meetings to change the destiny of Europe.”

The Italian deputy prime minister and interior minister has staunchly refused to allow African migrants to disembark from crammed refugee boats.



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