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The streets of Paris

La France est finie!

France is being taken over by Muslims, political journalist Éric Zemmour said in a damning interview, and the country is in “a tragic and terrifying moment in its history.”
Zemmour, whose new book Destin Français was released Wednesday, caused an uproar among liberal globalists a while back when he said Muslims “should be deported to prevent civil war.”

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Canada is not safe!

Canada's dangerously liberal PM Justin Trudeau welcomes returning terrorists with open arms!
These barbaric jihadis roam the streets of Canadian cities and towns in total freedom.
Free from being apprehended or charged by authorities.
Free to radicalize others, to finance or facilitate the travel of new recruits to join terrorist armies, even to plan attacks in Canada! 

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Hero of the Right

Italy’s Matteo Salvini — Hero of the Right!

An international alliance of anti-immigration countries is Italian right wing champion Matteo Salvini’s revolutionary plan to save Europe from migrant chaos and violence. Together they will fight the likes of migrant madness instigators Merkel and Macron.

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Border fence, Hungary

Create ‘Fortress Europe’ to keep out migrants

Right wing Alternative for Germany party proposes fortress type alliance with Italy, Hungary and Austria to end the failed and ‘suicidal’ concept of ‘multiculturalism.’

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