Marine Le Pen rises as Macron sinks!

L’il Manny is going down!

Globalist poster boy and mass migration madman Emmanuel Macron is more unpopular with the French people than any other president in the history of France.

As his approval sinks to an all-time low of 26 percent, his rival in the last election, the anti-immigration, populist champion Marine Le Pen is on the rise.

The rioting over Macron’s proposed fuel tax hike was a major — albeit not the last — nail in the coffin of the former Rothschild investment banker and youngest-ever president of France.

Popularity rises as Macron sinks

Now is the time for right-wing hero Le Pen to flex her muscles and mount a major new campaign against the failing president.

Although soundly beaten in the election — because French voters were fiddling while Paris burned — her nationalist party won more seats in Parliament than ever before.

Since then, Le Pen has been a growing force and a major threat to the status quo. The so-called Establishment with its globalist, ultra-liberal, mass migration policies has brought nothing  but social chaos, migrant violence and terrorism to France.


Macron is a puppet of mass immigration lunatic Merkel the Jerkel, who opened the gates of migrant hell in 2015 when she flung open the German borders to illegal aliens, refugees and so-called asylum seekers from mostly Muslim and African countries.

The French garçon, who is married to his former high school teacher nearly 20 years his senior, takes his orders from the dictatorial European Union.

Terrorism fighter Le Pen eschews the EU. Marine is a Trumpian nationalist who has vowed to put France First!



Macron & Merkel declare war against Trump’s America!

And everyone else who doesn’t agree with their ultra-liberal, open-border madness!

Li’l Manny Macron and Der Führer Merkel the Jerkel want to create a United States of Europe and do battle with all nationalistic countries.

“Nationalism is treason,” Macron has declared.

The little garçon and the old hack think they can take on the growing list of European countries that have defied the European Union’s dictatorship, and even go up against China, Russia and the United States of America.

If that isn’t psychotic megalomania by two of the most unpopular politicians in the world, I don’t know what is!

To hell with the will of the people!

Populism — that is to say, the will of the people — mean nothing to these two dictators. Fat and skinny want to go to war.  Well, bring it on! The Trump-inspired populist leaders in Europe, and any other nationalist country they dare to tread, will chew them up and spit them out.

Couple of unpopular leaders

Besides, both of them are drawing on a weak hand.

Their popularity polls are plummeting

A poll released Sunday shows Macron has only 25 per cent of public support. The poll was released the day after more than a quarter of a million French people held a nationwide protest against massive fuel tax hike.

It’s only a matter of time before French voters send him back home to his mother — I mean, his wife.

The party’s over for Merkel

As for Merkel, her Christian Democrat Union party suffered the worst election results in regional elections since 1949.

Simply put, after 13 years as Chancellor, it’s all but over for this political hack who opened the gates of hell in 2015 and sparked the current migrant nightmare that is tearing Europe apart.

— Guy de Michêl


Google gags free speech!

Protecting you from reality

Left-wing control freaks screwing with our heads!

Google and other tech platforms now “control the majority of online conversations” and have undertaken a “shift towards censorship” in response to unwelcome political events around the world.

So states an internal Google manifesto leaked exclusively to Breitbart News.

Examples cited in the document include the 2016 election in which Google was blatantly biased towards Hillary Clinton; and Google’s opposition to the rise of the right-wing Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) political party in Germany.

Google’s dirty schemes didn’t go as planned. We all know what happened to the criminally corrupt haggish hack Clinton. And as for the AfD, it is now the second most powerful political force in Germany, determined to ultimately oust open-border sicko Merkel the Jerkel.


But it’s only a matter of time before all this brainwashing goes in Google’s favor. And it’s not just Google. If you don’t want to lose your minds to Big Brotherfucker, the only survivable solution is to CANCEL AND DELETE all your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are uncensored and secure search engines and social media outlets out there. 

Europe is not responsible for Merkel’s madness!

Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, take in Muslim refugees?!

Why aren’t neighbouring countries, some of them the richest in the world, taking the majority Muslim migrants?

And why is it being called a ‘European problem?’

Good questions from Dominik Tarczyński, Polish parliamentarian and vice president of the European Conservatives in the Council of Europe.

‘Where is Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, where is Qatar?” he said in an interview on Turkish TV.

”Most of the refugees are Muslims which are neighbours to this country, so why you are calling this a European problem?”

Europe, he added, “is not responsible for Angela Merkel’s madness.”

—  With report from Laura Cat, Voice of Europe.