No-go zones in Sweden have soared to 61 as 5,000 criminals control the migrant-populated areas with car burnings and shootings.

There are more than 3,000 migrants living unlawfully in Stockholm alone. Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson has begged the government for help.

“Help us, help us,” Eliasson said at a press conference, as Tynnered, a suburb in Gothenburg, is the latest addition to the no-go list.

Police officers are quitting en masse in many Swedish police departments, especially in no-go areas. As many as 80 per cent of Swedish police said they are too scared to go to work. The shortage of police has forced the last remaining police station in Kista, a suburb of Stockholm, to close.

article-2330247-19F701A3000005DC-661_634x451In Rinkeby, one of the worst no-go areas in Stockholm, authorities are trying to build a fortress-like police station but the government has been unable to find a contractor to complete the job.

Mail companies refuse to deliver letters and packages in Rinkeby.

Migrants and ‘asylum-seekers’ have turned the once genteel city of Stockholm into a burning hell.

“It is the end for the well-organised and decent Sweden we have known,” said one researcher. “A civil war has begun.“



The country is still in shock after a terror attack in April when an asylum seeker from Uzbekistan hijacked a 30-ton truck and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm’s main shopping street and smashed into a department store, killing four people and injuring 15.