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Steve Bannon’s new mission: Crush Trump’s enemies

President Trump’s ousted chief advisor Steve Bannon is back at Breitbart News and pumped up for battle.

The populist hero immediately declared war on his enemies — West Wing “Democrats” and renegades of the Republican establishment: “I will crush the opposition.”

The boss of the alt-right website said: “I built a f***ing machine at Breitbart. And now I’m back, knowing what I know, and about to rev that machine up.”





National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has been on a firing binge, purging the White House of Trump loyalists who were hired to best implement the president’s policies. Trump tolerates the guy, but there has been much talk about McMaster’s “deep state” agenda. Bannon is on to him.





And along with McMaster, Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Habib Powell.



The president’s chief economic advisor Gary Cohn, an investment banker and a Democrat, is part of the establishment that Trump vowed to fight.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are at the top of Bannon’s enemies list as members of the Republican establishment out to scuttle the president’s — and Bannon’s — populist-nationalist agenda.

Bannon has no time for Trump’s “globalist” son-in-law Jared Kushner, and his wife Ivanka Trump who Bannon collectively refers to as Javanka. The Jewish couple urged Bannon’s removal from the White House because his rightist beliefs conflicted with their Jewish faith.

Watch out people, Bannon the Barbarian is coming for you!