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‘Marine Le Pen’



Cate Blanchett

Marine Le Pen. Based on the life of the French rightist who was wronged in the election.


Marine Le Pen’s life so far reads like a Hollywood script.

Marine Le Pen was eight years old in November 1976 when a bomb tore apart the Le Pen family’s Paris apartment. Police believe it was an assassination attempt by unknown attackers against her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, a former paratrooper in the Algerian war and founder of the Front National far-right party.

No one was killed, but Le Pen and her two older sisters awoke in a shattered apartment of broken glass and rubble.

“I had gone to sleep like all little girls my age,” Marine Le Pen wrote in her 2006 autobiography, ‘Against the Flow.’ “But when I woke, I was no longer a little girl.”

A wall of the Le Pen apartment in Paris was blown out by a bomb in November 1976.

After the bombing, the Le Pen family moved out of Paris to Montretout, a 19th century red-brick mansion that had been bequeathed to Jean-Marie Pen by a wealthy follower.

Le Pen family (left to right) Yann Le Pen, Marie-Caroline Le Pen, Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen outside Montretout, the family home in Saint-Cloud, France.

When Marine was 16, her mother ran off with a lover and became estranged from her daughter for 15 years. Marine continued to live with her father at Montretout. Her parents’ divorce was front page news, made even more sensational when her mother posed naked in the French edition of Playboy.

“Personal tragedy and being bullied in school for being a Le Pen created a feeling that it was ‘us against the world,'” said Jean-Francois Touze, an early Front National supporter.

Marine Le Pen joined the FN in 1986 and was elected a regional councillor in 1998, thus beginning a political career that brought the right wing closer to the presidency than any candidate in French history.

Marine Le Pen is still a powerful force in French politics. — Guy de Michêl