The new Canada: Slaughtering goats in hotel bathrooms!

Toronto the Good is now Toronto the Slaughterhouse!

A three-star hotel that charges “regular” guests hundreds of dollars a night also houses “irregulars”— and guess what?! — the floors of the public bathrooms run red with the blood of goats slaughtered in Muslim ritual.

Muslim ritual

Goat being led to slaughter. Photos of the bloodshed are too sickening to show.

Toronto’s homeless shelters are full — not with homeless Canadians, but with illegal Muslims. Hotels are now compelled to house the aliens and so-called refugees.

About 2,000 illegal migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, mostly from Nigeria, are currently living in Toronto hotels, including nearly 600 at the Radisson Toronto East hotel. The migrants are laughingly referred to as “irregular” guests.

The “irregulars” occupy more than 60 percent of the Radisson. Unbelievably, the three-star hotel still accommodates “regular” guests, who pay hundreds of dollars a night to stay there.

Goats slaughtered in bathrooms!

The Radisson hotel at Highway 401 and Victoria Park Avenue in Toronto’s North York. (Photo: Jack Boland/Toronto Sun)

Unsuspecting former guests, who didn’t know what the hell they were in for, have since flooded the Tripadvisor website with their reviews: “Complete shithole” … “a filthy zoo, noisy and dangerous” … “a disgrace” … and so on and so forth.

Loitering migrants fill the lobby, garbage is strewn about the corridors, and graffiti  disfigures the walls. There have been reports of sexual assaults and gunfire.

A visitor from Virginia said animal services had to be called when he was there because “goats were being slaughtered” in the public bathrooms.

A couple of goats

Sacrificial goat and Mr. Multiculturalism.

Holy hell! This is not the Canada I lived in back in the 1980s. The city I lived in was known as Toronto the Good. It had the reputation of being one of the safest major cities in North America. Vancouver was a little rougher, but for the most part, Canada was a genteel, peaceful and beautiful country.


During the time I lived there, Brian Mulroney was the prime minister (1984-1993). Mulroney was a conservative who had a close relationship with President Ronald Reagan. He was one of Israel’s best allies, kept tight controls on immigration, battled terrorism with firm resolve — and many other strong leadership qualities that today would pass as bona fide Trumpian.

The good old days, as the saying goes — and not that long ago.

But that all changed when hopelessly naive liberal Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Like the scourge of Germany, Chancellor Jerkel, Trudeau flung the borders wide open to an invasion of mostly Muslim refugees, illegal immigrants and terrorists disguised as asylum seekers.

Justin Trudeau loves Muslims

Trudeau and friends.

And in return for Canada’s misguided humanity, many of the foreigners show their appreciation by terrorizing and murdering innocent law-abiding Canadian citizens.

Extremists are now infiltrating the political system and are on their way to getting Islam’s sharia law legitimized by Trudeau’s insanely Liberal Party. Large sections of Canada will sooner than later (a mere 10 years from now) be populated by Muslim majorities that will ban alcohol in restaurants, separate the sexes on public transportation and legalize child wives.

This is not your father’s Canada

Muslim invasion of Canada stretches from Toronto to Vancouver.

My grandmother, who lived peacefully and safely in Montreal into her early 90s, would not, could not have believed what is happening in Canada in this day and age. She could never have imagined what the liberals have wrought. She could not have believed what lawful, genteel Canadian citizens must now endure.

Guy de Michêl