Sick bastards!


Hollywood goes too far in portraying brutal rape of fictional right-wing character who is intended to be real-life Republican commentator.


NBC police procedural ‘Law & Order: SVU’ depicted the gruesome rape of a fictional conservative commentator, who purposely resembles right-wing author Ann Coulter, in Wednesday’s politically charged episode titled ‘Info Wars.’

The episode follows conservative personality, Martha Cobb (portrayed by actress Rhea Seehorn), who delivers a speech ironically ripping “the liberal snowflakes,” to a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat-wearing crowd on a university campus.

Cobb’s speech is cut short when a gang of Antifa protesters clash with a mob of white supremacists. Violence ensues, and Cobb is later found unconscious after being beaten and sexually assaulted with the pole of a protest sign. — Breitbart News.

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