She is such a big liar…


… how big a liar is she?!

“I don’t know any hooker in any whorehouse who is a bigger fake or fraud than her,” said comedian Jackie Mason. “Every time she opens her mouth, you could bet your life there is another lie coming out. Even when she keeps her mouth closed, she finds a way to do something crooked.”

Nope, Mason wasn’t talking about Hillary Clinton. He was referring to feminist lawyer Gloria Allred (left in photo) who is defending a woman claiming she was sexually offended decades ago by Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Allred has refused to release the original copy of a yearbook that contains the only physical evidence of alleged sexual improprieties leveled against the Alabama judge by Beverly Young Nelsonwhen she was a teenager.


Nelson admitted Friday that she forged an inscription in her high school yearbook that she originally accused Moore of writing that purportedly showed a sexual interest in her.


“This yenta, Gloria Allred,” the Jewish comedian continued, “is not only a fake, she is the only person in the world that can make Hillary Clinton sound like an honest human being.”

His final barb: “They say lawyers lie. But not like her. She makes every lawyer in the world sound like an honest, decent person. What a degenerate.”