Sessions covers his own hide


Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI deputy director to save his own ass.

Sessions fired the former No. 2 G-man for lying under oath in connection with his involvement in the agency’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and Russia’s role in the fullsizeoutput_1ea52016 U.S. election.

Friday’s firing came two days before McCabe had planned to retire after more than 20 years with the FBI, ostensibly depriving him of a full government pension of a reported $1.8 million.

McCabe should have been fired, no doubt about that. The president summed it up in this December tweet.4A46157000000578-5512029-image-a-78_1521259690079

But the firing has ramifications that continue to spell trouble for President Trump.

Trump has been thinking about firing Sessions ever since the little weasel recused himself from any investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 elections.

Sessions told his deputy Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the collusion crap. Rosenstein, believed by many to be part of the Deep State scheme to topple the Trump Presidency, assigned former FBI director Robert Mueller to the task. Mueller is said to be another Deep State snake, and thus began the witch hunt to bring down the President.

Mueller stacked his team of investigators with Democratic Party followers and even people who have donated to the corrupt Clinton Foundation. In the many months and millions of dollars the probe has cost American taxpayers, Mueller’s mule team has come up with some spurious indictments but hasn’t found any direct collusion between Trump and the Russians. The Senate and the House both concluded there is no evidence of said collusion. Even Democratic enemies of the President agree.

“The collusion conspiracy theory is breaking down,” said Trump-hating House committee chairman, Democratic congressman Little Adam Schiff. “There is no evidence of collusion at this point after year-plus investigations in the House and Senate.”

But that hasn’t stopped Mueller. Now he’s looking for ways to have the President impeached. The whole investigation is so cooked up and phony. Someone has got to find a way to put an end to this travesty.

And that way is to fire Mueller. He should be fired anyway. He was the FBI director when the Obama administration and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed over 20 percent of American uranium holdings to a Russian company.IMG_1388Mueller knew about the treasonous transaction and not only did nothing to stop it, but helped conduct the deal. He should have been investigated long ago. And America would have been spared this tortuous probe.

The only person who can fire Mueller is the guy who appointed him — Rosenstein — and he has refused to do so. Ergo, Sessions should get rid of Rosenstein so that a neutral deputy attorney general can be appointed and thus clear the way to terminate Mueller and his team of biased gofers.


But Sessions is too much of a wimp to give the boot to a guy who works down the hall. Before Friday’s firing of McCabe, Trump was becoming more intensely interested in dumping Sessions.

Friday’s event changes that. Now, with Sessions having fired McCabe, Trump can’t readily turn around and fire Sessions for taking action on something the President heartily agrees with.

Thusly, Mueller is free to carry on with his Deep State machinations.