Reebok schlock

The sneaker company Reebok rebuked and ridiculed President Trump for what he Unknownsaid to the French president’s wife, Brigitte Macron, during last week’s visit to France.

“You’re in such great shape. Beautiful,” the president told France’s 64-year-old first lady, whose husband is 39.

With anybody else that would be a compliment, but because Trump said it, it’s the most sexist, vile utterance to a woman in political history.

Now Reebok comes running up and tweets this snide putdown:

Why the hell is a running shoe company even commenting on this? Reebok’s customers cannot ALL be Trump-hating leftwing liberal losers. There must be many Trump supporters among Reebok’s customer base. They may even include “deplorables,” those “irredeemable” Trump followers that Hillary Clinton vilified during her disastrous campaign.

Will  those customers still buy Reebok? Reebok_delta_logo.svg

Here are some comments posted on Monday by the Political Insider:

I, as a woman, am pleased when I hear a compliment. Why shouldn’t the first lady of France? It’s all this “politically (in)correct” nonsense!

My kids always wanted Rebok but there are other shoes out there with I feel better quality and a better price. I would not buy any of their shoes especially after this.

It seems that Reebok has put its’ foot in its’ mouth. Frankly, I would rather go barefoot than buy a pair of Reeboks. Of course, there are better shoes out there for women, like Ryka and Vionic, just to name a couple.

Never bought their shoes anyway, but this is a good reminder to help OTHERS not to buy their crap too.

Never have and never will buy them these high prices shoes are all made in china and one is no better than the other anyway.

We all saw how well that went for Nordstrom when they stopped selling Ivanka’s clothing line. There must be a secret club for idiotic lefties… I’m now a Nike fan!

Ree who?

When will these companies learn that entering the “political arena” effects their “bottom line.”

they will never learn because they are diehard liberal yellow dogs.

I voted “NO”, because I have always considered Reebok shoes/products to be nothing but “overrated, overpriced pieces of crap” anyway….! Just another example that some people still have more money, than brains.