Rape is a game to migrant mobs

unknownGermany’s politically-correct approach to mass migration spawns a ‘rape culture.’

And the blame falls on Chancellor Merkel and her open-border policy.

Migrant gangs sexually attack women in a ‘rape game’ known as ‘taharrush gamea’–Arabic for ‘collective sexual harassment.’

Police are allegedly investigating mob attacks at bars and restaurants in downtown Frankfurt where dozens of Arab men sexually assaulted female patrons.

The newspaper Bild reported that nearly 1,000 migrants, many of them drunk, gathered at the central train station in Frankfurt and walked to the Fressgasse, a downtown pedestrian zone known for its restaurants and bars.

Witnesses said that groups of up to 50 migrants of ‘Arab or North African’ appearance entered several establishments and began sexually attacking female patrons. They also stole handbags and jackets, threw bottles and firecrackers, and, as a parting gesture, finished their victims’ drinks.

Police reports show that Germany’s migrant rape crisis is out of control, although accurate statistics are non-existent. German authorities have repeatedly been accused of underreporting the true scale of the migrant crime epidemic.


American voters were very wise not to elect Merkel’s soulmate. To these two old hacks, it’s all a big joke.