Psycho Dem!

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New Yorker Magazine art critic is one sick S.O.B.

Man of hate epitomizes the Democrat Party!

“One of the severest cases of Trump Derangement Symptons we’ve ever seen!”

Anti trump psycho


This twisted maniac’s blind hatred of President Trump is typical of how rabid the left-wing Democrat Party has become. It ignores the booming economy, the lowest unemployment rate (3.5 percent) in 50 years, the biggest tax cuts ever, consumer confidence at an all-time high, stronger borders, the routing of Isis barbarians, the defusing of Korean nuclear threats (no more rockets from Rocket Man), the best care veterans have received in decades… I could go on, there are many more examples of  ‘promises kept’ by this President.

Suffice it to say that only psychotic, hate-filled maniacs would take all this away from Americans to satisfy their own lust for power.

With the midterm elections less than one month away, let me leave you with this one hideous scenario: Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Senile hack
Don’t even ask!