Pretty boy’s polls turn ugly

garcon2 2.jpg

French President Emmanuel Macron spent 26,000 euros — $30,695 — of taxpayer money on makeup during his first three months in office.

His beauty consultants said they are looking into cheaper brands that are used by a makeup artist who does Macron for television appearances and travels with him on trips abroad.

Macron, 39, the youngest ever president of France, hopes his pretty-boy looks will improve his plummeting approval rating — down 20 points to 37 percent — brought on by his rigorous labor reforms and drastic cuts to the terrorist-ridden country’s military budget.

images-2.jpgFrench social media lashed out at the vanity of the former multi-million-dollar investment banker, who once posed shirtless on the cover of the gay magazine Garçon.

Macron’s sexual preference has oft been questioned, much to his chagrin. He is married to his former high school teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, who is 64.