Praying for Trump


“We are going to see a great spiritual awakening.”

In a surreal and solemn moment in the Oval Office on Monday, evangelical leaders from across America prayed for Donald Trump. Several of them lay their hands on his back.

They prayed for the besieged president to be given “guidance, protection and supernatural wisdom.”

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, who led the prayer circle with his wife Adonica, described it as a “humbling moment.”

Since his shock election victory against media favorite Hillary Clinton, Trump has been under constant attack by left-wing liberals, treasonous Republicans, and a virulent and malicious mass media.

f8c6f9_e91c73d1277f47048a2133efd99f8e75~mv2“President Trump was in good spirits,” said Johnnie Moore (left) of the evangelical Liberty University in Virginia. “He was as strong and focused as I have ever seen him. It was as if he was entirely above the fray.”

Social media Christians loved the moment: ’Praise God, fill him with your spirit and keep your hands on him,’ posted one.

‘Thank you pastors for surrounding our President with all your prayers,’ posted another, ‘and thank you President Trump for allowing them to pray for you.’

Posted another: ‘I get goose bumps thinking what God is going to do.’


Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife Adonica, standing right.