Payback time for a couple of bullies


Joe and Mika are nothing more than Trump-bashing hired thugs

Excerpted from an article by Patricia McCarthy in American Thinker, July 1, 2017

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezenski think they are heroes because Trump tweeted something crass about them. Indeed he did. But it was well-deserved. The pair host a morning program on the anti-Trump MSNBC each morning to which they dedicate nearly every moment to trashing Trump in every conceivable way, mostly personal.

Unknown-1They relentlessly mock him physically, mentally, and in every other way possible and have done so these past eight months. They are cruel and vicious like the worst ten-year-old bully at an elementary school.

They rarely discuss policy; they would not have a clue. They know nothing about health care, immigration, tax reform, national security, etc. They are thoroughly ignorant of all things substantive. They only know Democrat talking points which lack substance, to say the least. Most of their time is spent maligning the president.

Their guests, most of them ridiculous anti-Trumpers like Danny Deutch, et al, do the same. They are all hired thugs who betray their declared professions by being so easily purchased. They are all shameless professional Trump bashers.

Unknown-2Trump finally retaliated after eight months of tolerating their vitriol. One would think the world shifted on its axis. For the next 48 hours, the network and cable news outlets jabbered on about nothing else. Trump’s tweet is not remotely an impeachable offense. It was well-deserved payback for months of vindictive nonsense that Joe and Mika spew each day. Good for Trump.

There is no question that the silly duo Joe and Mika deserved every hard-bitten word. They are the bullies; they attack Trump and conservatives all day long from their cushy on-screen chairs and have the audacity to be jolted when someone, anyone, fights back.