Out of the park, Dude, out of the park!


A dynamic and moving State of the Union

President Trump called for unity and bipartisanship in a speech that was seen by 45.6 million TV viewers — the highest ever — and 75 percent of Americans liked what they heard.

But predictably, Democrats showed no class or willingness to join the New America.

They sat on their hands and scowled and grimaced and refused to stand. They refused to stand for jobs coming back to America and the new booming economy. They refused to stand for U.S. forces decimating the Islamic State. They refused to stand for getting tough on terrorism with stronger immigration laws. They refused to stand for cheaper and more accessible health care. They refused to stand when the President said Americans should stand for the National Anthem. They didn’t even stand for American heroes.

Trump spoke from the heart, but Democrats do not have America in their hearts.