No justice for Justine


The Somali Muslim cop who killed Justine Damond will likely get away with what many are calling murder.

Mohamed Noor, the rookie Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed the unarmed Australian woman, still refuses to be interviewed by state investigators.

Only the Minneapolis PD’s Internal Affairs unit can compel him to talk, but even then, Screen-Shot-2017-07-20-at-12.41.50-PM-400x267any statement he provides cannot be used in a criminal case due to a legal technicality in Minnesota.

Under that law, any information Noor provides, and any evidence resulting from that information cannot be used against him in a criminal proceeding.

Noor, who has three complaints against in his two years on the force, shot the 40-year-old bride-to-be as she approached the drivers side of his patrol car at 11:30 p.m. in her pajamas to report a possible assault in an alley near her home.

Noor’s partner, Matthew Harrity, who was behind the wheel of the police car, said he was shocked when Noor leaned across him and opened fire.

Because Noor is a Somali in the largest Somali community in the U.S. — an area of IMG_0240Minneapolis is called “Little Mogadishu” — he is getting preferred treatment from hijab mayor Betsy Hodges.

Trying to incriminate Justine

As Justine’s heartbroken family desperately seek answers to the shooting, investigators with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension even searched Justine’s house in an effort to find some evidence that could switch the focus to her instead of Noor, an action that stunned criminal law experts.

“I don’t understand what they’re looking for inside her home,” said Joseph Daly, an emeritus professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. “Is she a suspect? When I read that search warrant, I cannot find probable cause to search her home.”

Investigators found nothing incriminating in Justine’s home.

Meanwhile, more than two weeks after the senseless killing, Justine’s family, and the Australian government, and many people around the world are despairing that justice will never be done and that the Somali cop will get away with gunning down the innocent woman.