NEW EVIDENCE: Russia bribed Clinton


Uranium One deal still red hot

An FBI informant said to be dying of brain cancer and leukemia has testified that Moscow funneled millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s “charitable efforts” to bribe Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to go soft on U.S.-Russia relations.

Testimony by Douglas Campbell exposes that the real “collusion” with Russia wasfullsizeoutput_1acb between former President Obama’s White House and the Kremlin, and ties Hillary Clinton to a bribery scheme arranged by Russian government leaders, The Hill website reports.

In a written statement to three congressional committees, Campbell said he is speaking out now because he was never reimbursed for “hundreds of thousands of dollars” of his own money he used to make bribe payments ordered by the FBI.

Campbell was also interviewed on Wednesday for several hours by bipartisan fullsizeoutput_1ad3.jpegmembers of the committees: the Senate Judiciary, House Intelligence, and House Oversight.

The main interest in Campbell’s story is on the Obama administration’s approval of the ‘Uranium One deal,’ which gave the Russian mining company Rosatom control of 20 percent of America’s uranium mines — a deal that was also okayed by Clinton’s State Department.