Mule team in its death throes


My mules are tired, about to fall to the ground,
ten tons of bullsht pulling big twenty down.  

— Apologies to Hank Williams Jr.’s Twenty Mule Team.

Mueller and his biased team of Democratic Party pawns close to packing it in!

Witch hunt doctor Robert Mueller failed to prove collusion between The Trump election campaign and Russia and is now said to be investigating whether the President obstructed justice.

Unknown-1But Mueller is reluctant to go there, Bloomberg Politics reports, because such a move would spark a Constitutional crisis. The Americans who elected Trump — half the country, and even many who didn’t — would rise up in furious revolt.

America would be thrown into violent turmoil. And a G-man who was the FBI director that turned a blind eye when Obama and Hillary Clinton allowed the Russians to gain control of U.S. uranium mines, is not going to risk IMG_1388that. (Mueller himself should be investigated for that, but that’s another story.)

Any move by Mueller toward an obstruction charge would be the final straw that would cause Trump or the Justice Department to fire his hoary ass.

Mueller is clearly running out of options. His phony probe is costing American taxpayers millions — $7 million at last count.

Even one of the President’s worst enemies, whiney little Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of the Great Sanctuary State of California, has admitted there is no proof Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

And fellow Democratic Rep Jim Himes of Connecticut called the Trump-Russia probe a “running joke.”