Jordan demolishes Mueller

Mueller witch hunt — worse than we imagined!

Former G-man couldn’t answer most basic questions about his bogus, biased probe!

The Mueller witch hunt drags on after more than a year of finding no Trump-Russia collusion, and at a cost of more than $20-million in taxpayers money.

Even has a license

It’s a travesty beyond compare in American politics. ‘Special counsel’ Robert Mueller, a former director of the disgraced FBI, was appointed by deep state operative Rod Rosenstein for the sole purpose of bringing down the Trump Presidency.

In light of the arrogant refusal by Mueller to end the phony probe despite the growing demand to do so, it’s worth revisiting this grilling of Mueller by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan before a House committee hearing.

Mueller comes across as a bumbling fool who cannot answer the most basic questions put to him by Jordan. Check it out — it’s unbelievable!