Mueller is part of the deep state determined to bring down Trump


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump for possible obstruction of justice is a travesty of justice.

The former G-man is one of the deep state saboteurs determined to destroy or at least undermine and cripple the Trump presidency. Mueller has stacked his panel with Clinton Foundation donors and Democrats. It’s not even a travesty anymore, it’s a farce!

Deep state refers to entrenched government institutions, career employees and others wielding power to influence policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.


How about this for obstruction of justice:

Bill Clinton, last June, ambushed Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane at the Phoenix airport and pressured her not to bring any charges against Hillary Clinton over her criminal handling of classified emails.

The Obama administration had already decided, as Edward Klein writes in his book, Unknown“Guilty As Sin,” that even before the first witness was interviewed Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted for playing fast and loose with top-secret information.

To paraphrase Klein: Bill Clinton’s private jet was about to take off when a Secret Service agent told him Lynch’s plane was coming in for a landing.

“Don’t take off!” Clinton yelled. He then phoned one of his legal advisers and said, “I want to bushwhack Loretta. I’m going to board her plane.”

And he did. During the 30 minutes or so he was on the plane, both he and Lunch claimed later that they just chatted about grand-children and other inconsequential matters. But it didn’t matter what they talked about, Clinton’s message was clear: Hillary had the full weight of the images-2Clinton machine, the Democratic Party and the White House behind her.

The ambush worked, Klein writes. Lynch later assured Obama that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted.

If that’s not messing with the justice system, what the hell is?! Oh, of course! Deep state saboteurs and Democrats investigating the democratically-elected president of the Unites States on lies.