Barbaric customs OK in Canada

Trudeau and friends

This is not your father’s Canada!

“Barbaric cultural practices” will no longer be prohibited for immigrants and refugees coming to Canada.

That would include honor killings and (there’s got to be a better way to say this) female genital mutilation.

Recklessly liberal PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t think the government should interfere with the customs of migrants coming from foreign lands where “barbaric practices” are part of the culture.

Just let everyone come in, Welcome to Canada, and do what you want in this once genteel and non violent land. And to hell with Canadian cultures and values.

Oh, and getting a job has also been removed from the requirements of immigration and citizenship. Don’t bother to work, just hang around the streets and malls, and the socialist government will give you welfare and free medical care. What a deal.


Lawful civilized Canadians are slow to react to new situations and almost impossible to rile, so one won’t see an emotionally-charged American-style protest, let alone an uprising against the new order.

But Canadian patriots (they must be out there somewhere!) should be horrified by the caliber of many immigrants who will eventually become new citizens and live side-side with true-blue Canadians

Canadians seem to be oblivious to the violence and “barbaric cultural practices” rife among the tens of thousands of refugees and illegal migrants streaming into Europe at an uncontrollable rate.

Liberal European countries that opened their borders to tens of thousands of Muslim refugees and migrants — Merkel’s Germany being the chief culprit — have been “repaid” by terrorism, chaos and bloodshed as the foreigners continue to practice their violent heritage.

And now it’s Canada’s turn. Say goodbye to your father’s Canada. That civilized country of awesome beauty and endless possibilities has become a politically-correct nightmare where anything goes.

— Guy de Michel